Why Local Web Direct?

“Why you should consider giving us a try.”
We are unique in providing small and medium sized enterprises with custom designed websites that are not just designed to look great but attract visitors too.

We are extremely conscious of how confusing the online world can be to our clients so we try to avoid jargon where possible and explain all the options in simple terms you can relate to.

“Almost everyone goes online these days to find what they are looking for.” In this digital age if you don’t have a website then to most you simply don’t exist.

If you have a website already it needs to reflect who you are as a business – your values and identity. It needs to instantly be able to tell someone what you do and it also needs to show why visitors should pick you over your competitors.

Your website will be designed to attract new customers by presenting your business in the best possible light. It also will be built to keep up with changing technology.

Today if your site isn’t secure then Google will label it as “not secure,” and in addition if it isn’t built with modern coding it won’t provide the relevant information to search engines. A website from us provides all this and more!

“Unlike our competitors we have 3 Aces up our sleeves.”
Sales strategies: We know what works and what doesn’t. If we think for examples sake that Google is better than Facebook or Twitter for your marketing campaign, then we will say so rather than selling you a costlier service – it’s more important to us that you do well long term.

Whatever your budget we can put short and long term strategies in place, then refine them over time so you get the best deal possible.

The 80/20 rule: Most successful businesses have several different marketing tactics that they use to attract more sales. Trying different ways to market your business will show you what works well; not so well; only a little bit and nothing at all. The 80/20 rule describes how about 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your efforts.

In practice this means one or two marketing channels you use will bring in the bulk of your business. Without trying a few different methods, you won’t know which ones can help maximise your profits and which just pours money down the drain. Wouldn’t you rather spend more money on marketing methods that work instead of throwing your money away on methods that either don’t work or just don’t bring in much business for the money you pay? Luckily, we can take a lot of the guess work out of what marketing channel or channels will work for your own personal business.

Secrets: Most digital marketing companies don’t want to tell you how they rank a website on Google. We are quite happy to sit down and discuss how we would rank your website. We will even tell you some of the tricks we can use to get more customers finding you online while waiting for your website to climb the Google rankings.

If you are thinking that we mean Google adverts? The answer is no but we use this strategy too. In fact, we use several clever tactics to get your business noticed on Google. They are so secretive that we only want you to know about them!



We Can Build You a Beautiful Website. A fast modern responsive website which looks good on every device is absolutely essential for online success today. Our superb design team will build you a top quality professional site to be proud of at a really competitive price.

Video Production

Video Is Now Essential On Every Website.  Visitors no longer want to wade through pages of text on your site just to find out about you. We can make you a high quality, powerful video to enable visitors to find out immediately everything your business has to offer!

Social Media Setup

Social profiles are a really important part of your business. We can set up all of your profile pages in the correct format for each platform. You will have professional profiles on:- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Search Engine Opt

Local or National SEO.  Ready to go to the top? We can help you to rank your keywords on the first page of Google and all the other search engines. Being at the top of Google will give you an endless supply of customers. And once your site is top we make sure it stays there!

Google M B Page

Google My Business Page
If you haven’t claimed your free GMB page you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to see your business details listed at the top of Google.Even without having your own website people will still see your business listing at the top.

Website Hosting

Top quality hosting packages. With top quality hardware, our state of the art servers are based entirely in the UK. Your data is safe at all times with a unique backup system. All packages come with a free SSL certificates to let the world know your website is safe and secure!

Video Promotion

You simply must have a promotional video. There is nothing like the power of video to let people know all about you! We can make you an incredible promotional video advertising your business. We can then help you get this video on the top of Youtube and Google!

Reputation Management

Do you have any kind of negative reviews or complaints about yourself or your business? Having positive feedback about your brand is essential online. 90% of customers only buy or take services from a business after reading the reviews and customer comments.


Need content written? All our writers are experienced professional who can write absolutely anything be it copy-writing, web content, articles or blog posts. Whatever niche you are in, rest assured that we can provide you with well researched, well written, top quality work.

Social Media Management

Being interactive with all your social accounts is vital today.
But how do you find time to write and post new articles several times a day? We can manage all of your accounts posting at least 3-4 engaging posts every day promoting your business and generating leads.

Logo/Leaflet Design

We will design a leaflet/flyer for you using your own logo, images & wording. Or we can also design your business logo to promote your brand. A well designed and printed leaflet is one of the most effective ways of drawing attention to and advertising your brand or services and your own logo is essential. With your instructions we will create something really eye-catching and professional. Includes unlimited revisions until you are happy.

Google PPC Management

Google Adwords is one of the most effective forms of online marketing, but it can be very difficult to get right. Our experts will create for your business a PPC campaign that will put you far ahead of your competitors. With perfect keyword research and a unique text advert per keyword, your campaign will have a better quality score, cost less per click and appear right at the top of Google and ensure your customers find you.

FB/Website Chat Bots

A chatbot is a computer script we put on your website. Powered by artificial intelligence, it acts very much like a personal assistant, and can be used for almost anything.For example:- Ordering products, customer services, reservations, information, appointment bookings etc. We can build a chatbot specifically for your own business, to do whatever you want it to. A chatbot costs very little, compared to the extra business it is likely to generate.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers various types of campaigns you can choose from and is fantastic for targeting exactly the people who want to buy your products or services. We will help you to understand your likely target markets. From here we can set up a number of different target ads within the campaign for these audiences. Our experts will set up a full Facebook Campaign for you including split testing for your ads. We can also offer an ongoing management service if you require it.


Email marketing is a fantastic way of steadily building your business. You can automatically keep in contact with your existing customers detailing new products, services, and offers. You can also find potential new clients, targeting them based on demographics such as location, age, lifestyle and occupation etc. At ‘Local Web Direct’ our experienced team of digital specialists, can help every step of the way. We can set up an automatic system which does everything for you, without you having to worry about anything.


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The Art of Nails

Very pleased with my new site! It looks great on my laptop, tablet and phone and I have had a brilliant response from my customers.

Jamie Phillips

Cutting Edge Hair

Perfect! Nick and Paul worked really hard with their design team to make sure my site was exactly what I wanted. I am also really impressed with the video they made to promote my site. All in all a great experience!


What have you got to lose?

If you are looking for a digital marketing and design agency that is just that little bit different from the rest then give us a call, message us or fill in our contact form.

Whatever makes you feel more comfortable and hopefully we can setup a meeting at a convenient time for you. But if time is precious, we can also arrange a telephone or video meeting.

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