astral projection faq

During the Astral projection process, our consciousness is believed to be functioning separately by temporarily leaving the body. Thousands of people have come across this extraordinary experience or travel which helped them immensely in their lives. Usually, this astral travel takes place when we are in a deep state of meditation or while relaxing or sleeping. It might sound crazy to certain individuals but since the ancient times it has been proved by many people and saints that astral projection is a natural psychic ability. Thus, using the astral process, once can know how to develop psychic abilities since both the phenomenon are absolutely related.

Normally, when people practice the astral projection process, they would overcome the fear of death and will attain a realization that the soul exists after the death of a person and will understand nobody is dependent on their physical body. This can increase your spirituality and get an inner calmness of your mind and body which would drastically reduce your stress levels and develop self-acceptance, happiness and a zest for life. It also results in improving your memory skills and also your creativity power which in turn enhances your psychic powers. In many people, their psychic ability is very dormant and the astral projection helps to identify it.

The potentiality of an individual differs from person to person and hence you should not give up the practice if you are not able to achieve in the initial stage. It definitely requires a lot of patience and practice to become aware of your inner self and the thoughts and emotions.

The progress may take place in weeks, months or even years which are completely reliable on your practice. But with regular and appropriate practice, the result is achieved by stimulating your untapped potential in your mind. The effort is rewarding when your start practicing the astral projection process with lots of dedication and practice.

The inactive psychic traits can be tapped by ourselves if we know how to develop psychic abilities using the astral projection methods. You should understand that with certain exercises and techniques, it is quite simple to achieve the abilities that we already possess within us. Thus, when an individual starts practicing the conscious astral projection methods, the clairvoyance, intuition and the auric sights are drastically improved. The astral projection could also be defined as the break between our astral body (spirit or soul) and the physical body.

This out-of-body experience or the astral travel could sound extraordinary or paranormal or supernatural but can lead to the path of discovering our inner self. It tunes your positive energy which is obstructed by our conscious mind or the physical distraction and assists in bringing deep clarity and heightens your awareness. Some people consider the astral projection as a psychic ability since it is achieved outside the normal awareness stage. Thus, practicing the astral methods appropriately would lead to the successful improvement of our psychic abilities and opens the door for a non-stop exploration.