astral projection for beginners pdf

How to astral project sometimes commonly referred to as astro projection is an extension of the mind that a lot of people have difficulty achieving. The main reason why most people fail to learn how to astral is because they make something more difficult then it really is. For example, a lot of astral practitioners know that the key to astro projection lies in your ability to totally relax while keeping a focused mind. This is where most people struggle. Many people know and have tried various relaxation techniques. However, just when they reach the point of total relaxation the mind sometimes can have a tendency to wander as you are approaching a semi sleep state. Then what happens almost subconsciously you have grabbed onto this stray thought and the next thing you know you are experiencing more of a deep relaxed day dream then anything else.

The key to how to astral project lies in your ability to stay focused during the crucial phase. One way to help achieve this is through the aid of recordings called Binaural Beats. These are sounds designed to help the mind achieve not only correct astral projection frequencies but aid you in keeping a focused mind.

Astro projection is simply put a separation of the mind from the body to experience what some have termed an out of body experience. It has been recorded and studied by scientists and they have found that the brain is able to do this at certain brain wave frequencies. These have since been called astral projection frequencies. By using an aid like binaural beats it helps the mind reach these magic frequencies a lot easier. This enables people who have previously struggled with how to astral project achieve success.

These are not the only lucid dreaming techniques that can help you achieve astro projection and there is no way one article alone can describe everything you need to know about astral projection techniques.

The best thing is to continue reading and studying on the subject and perhaps getting a book is a good start towards this.