astral projection frequency

I want to tell you why I am mastering astral projection, I first experienced astral projection when I was six years old. I was badly injured in an accident and required three surgeries in a 72 hour period. The first time I came up from anesthetic, I was not in my body. I could see my mom sitting on a chair beside the bed in the recovery room. She was the only one there and I remember thinking dad must be looking after my big brother and my little sister. I was behind mom, so I couldn’t see her face, but I could see mine. Or at least, I could see the part of me that was visible among the bandages.

I knew that I was looking at my body, which meant I wasn’t my body. This didn’t frighten me and suck me back in, the way it does for so many who involuntarily astral project. I was attending Roman Catholic schools had had been told since I could remember that I was a spirit. My body

I looked at my body and thought how young it was. Knowing the pain that was waiting for the body made me cry in pity. The body mewed. Mom raised her head and looked away – and directly at the point in space where I was watching from. I saw her plainly and knew whatever agony awaited me inside the body; it was far less than her anguish. I re-entered the body.

In adolescents I did drugs and immediately recognized what was happening. I’ve developed techniques since then – the drugs were great, but I always re-entered when the drugs wore off, and that wasn’t what I was looking for.

I’ve read a lot, and I’ve developed my own techniques for freeing my perceptions from the body. The best advice I have for those who want to master astral projection is to remember that when who leave the body, you leave the fram of reference within which the body exists. If it freaks you out, you will be pulled back in. That’s alright – it just means you have to keep practicing. We’re waiting.