astral projection how to do it

Everybody can do astral projection. All of us have both the physical body and the emotional body or the astral body. There are surveys that show that a number of people have experienced the feeling of their astral body leaving their physical body at some point in their lives. This kind of feeling is often mistaken for dreaming because astral projection happens at a point where the body is relaxed enough to get into sleep. Those who are able to project their astral bodies to another time and place deliberately are able to control their minds and stop it from getting into full sleep. A beginner in the practice of astral projection has to learn how to get into the right state of mind in order to experience the psychological benefits of being able to go on astral travels at will.

Materials on astral travel for beginners are widely available. Thousands of books, online and otherwise, have been written by experts on the subject of astral projection for beginners to learn from. While there is no scientific evidence on which to base these learning materials on astral projection, the great number of people who have been doing astral projection for one reason or another has proven to be a good source of information about the practice of travelling to other astral planes. There is no limit to when and where even a beginner could go in his astral travels. The most important thing to remember in astral projection for beginners is that you have to remain in control of your mind at all times during your astral travel.

Not only instructionals are available to help the beginner astral traveller. There are audio materials that contain hypnosis recordings and binaural beats in order to achieve the right state of mind for astral projection.

These developments in the area of sound technology have helped a lot of people train the mind to respond to messages from the subconscious before, during, and after astral projection. With the right state of mind, you will effectively be able to command your astral body to do what you wish to do during your astral travel. Keep in mind, though, that you will not really be able to change anything in the time and place you go to during your astral travels. You might be able to go back in time to revisit your childhood, but you cannot erase the times when you got teased or perhaps had an embarrassing stage fright.

Astral projection is one of our natural skills. It takes, however, enough time and practice in order to fine tune such a skill. A beginner astral traveller can start by doing certain practices that involve relaxing the body and making the mind more in control. Breathing exercises and audio tools with suggestive messages on relaxation and visualization are among those that are taught to beginner astral travellers. Usually, a beginner starts with simple movements like willing his astral hand to move away from his physical hand and then commanding the astral hand to move back into the physical hand. The beginner is then taught to gradually come back to consciousness.