astral projection quotes

Everyone can have an out of body experience (OBE). By doing so, it can open a whole world of new possibilities for you. Telepathy, psychic powers and other powers that belong to the world which can be harnessed by you. There are a lot of astral projection exercises which can make it easier to get started.

Here are some of the exercises:
Mind Control
Balancing the energies

Before you start you must imagine a shield of white light around your body. Visualize this shield and ask for protection and a positive frame of mind. You can specify the purpose for which you are traveling in the astral realm and ask for help in your travel. Once that’s done, then lie down on your bed and start with these steps:

Relaxation: You can only project your consciousness, after the complete relaxation of your body. You need to relax your toes, feet and then move up and focus on relaxing each body path. Visualize the white light floating through your body and relaxing you completely.

Chakra cleansing or energy balancing: The negative emotions and other day to day activities clog our chakras and hinder the flow of cosmic energy. Hence, you need to use the white light to cleanse, balance and charge your chakras.

Mind control: Once your body is completely relaxed, then count from 3 to 1 and tell your self at every count, your body will relax even more deeply. As you reach 1 you will feel no sensations or discomfort in your physical body.

Focus: Once your body is completely relaxed and asleep, you need to focus on keeping your mind conscious. You need to focus completely on the vibrations that occur once you are ready to travel astrally.

These are some of the astral projection exercises which can help you in traveling in the astral plane.

Bon Voyage!