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There are numerous astral projection techniques that individuals can use to assist them with astral project. Due to the fact of people being individuals, what is successful for one may not be for another.

Many people have problems with all the methods however. Not because they do not work but because the person is unable to sufficiently relax.

Relaxation must be total, complete. It’s essential for any of the seven techniques of astral projection to be successful. The inability to relax is caused by fear. It’s common among those just learning these techniques.

False beliefs, like a person could die or be harmed during astral projection. In an effort to stem these fears the Canterbury Institute, also known for their occult studies, conducted a researched study.

With 2,000 participants, all of whom participated in astral projection, the Canterbury institute determined that not even one person suffered any harm. Furthermore, all participants were then monitored for a period of three years and during this time none of them came forward with any complaints or reports of problems.

Now that we’ve nipped the fear issue in the bud, let’s take a look at a few of the astral projection techniques, all of which have helped a great number of people in the past. The good news is; all these techniques are also relatively easy. The first technique which we’ll discuss consists of seven main steps:

* Relaxing mind and body. The simplest way to achieve this is by practicing deep breathing, in addition to relaxing all the muscles of the body one at a time. You can do this by tensing and then the releasing them, starting with your toes and then working your way up through the rest of your body.

* Next go into what is called the hynagogic state.

When the body and mine are just on the edge of falling into sleep. Don’t go to sleep though! This is where you can utilize the gazing method. Start by focusing on particular item while laying on the bed, and keep looking at this item long enough that when you close your eyes that you can still visualize the item.

* Once you can see the object with closed eyes and you need to deepen this state you are in. The best way is to look around (eyes closed) see whatever you can see. It’s possible you may see different forms of light patterns and may even notice the room has become cloaked in a purple light. Ignore this and don’t pay any attention to it. When you have stopped seeing this light you’ll know that you’ve entered a deeper state. Being so completely relaxed, you will no longer even be aware of your physical body.

* This step is absolutely imperative with this technique. The state of vibration will need to be entered into. Many report feeling these types of vibration fairly early in the projection process. Is thought by the participant that the feeling of vibration is what happens when the astral body start to depart from the physical body. Don’t let this stage worry you, relax and feel the vibrations.

* Controlling your state of vibration. In order to control the vibrations one should focus on moving them through your body. Using your mind, you should attempt to spread these vibrations over your entire body so that it feels as though there are waves washing over you. You need to keep practicing this until such time that you can bring on these waves whenever you choose, and once you are able to do that, you’re ready to leave your physical body.

* It is undeniable that the key to successful astral projection and astral travel lies in having control, in that it’s your mind which has the power. While maintaining focus on the concept of leaving your physical body, one should first only allow a hand or foot to separate. When you can do this you should go ahead and attempt to stretch them towards an object nearby, whether you choose the wall, the ceiling, or even a random item in the room. If you manage to do this successfully then you should allow your hand or foot to return to your physical body. Now go ahead and begin slowing down the vibrations in order to bring your session to an end.

* The final step is that you get to finally exit your body. Do the other steps as listed above, but this time you will transfer completely to your astral body. You will need to slightly alter step six. In place of thinking about releasing only a part of your body, you will now think about releasing the whole astral body, by concentrating on how little it weighs as if weightless in fact, as in feather blowing around in the wind. The astral body actually should be transporting away from the physical body, you should feel a floating or flying effect.

There are different methods for you to try. One method is the Rope Technique, also the Gazing Method, and then the Anchor Technique. Spending time trying these method to find which is suited to you. There is an astral projection technique for everyone. You just need to find one that is best for you.

What you do need to bear in mind however, is that not everyone can astral project immediately simply by using one of the techniques mentioned above, because after all, it does take practice.

Fortunately for those who are impatient, rapid advancements in sound technology have resulted in various audio tools becoming available. One such tool makes use of sound waves of different frequencies, known as ‘binaural beats’, in order to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain. This in turn allows one to enter into a meditative state almost instantaneously, and of course this is the ideal state of mind for astral projection.

You can us quality astral projection technique recordings to induce a totally relaxed hypnotic state. These recordings reinforce to the subconscious mind it’s okay to astral project your body from your physical body.

The use of astral projection techniques has changed many lives and if you are interested, this is something that is completely possible for you to do!

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