how to obe

How does astral projection work? Is it real, or simply the byproduct of an overactive imagination? How can you know for sure that you are actually “out” of your body, rather than having a vivid imaginary experience? If you are anything like I once was and just starting to explore the OBE and astral projection literature, you are probably super excited, a little bit skeptical and a LOT overwhelmed as well. Learning to separate fact from fiction when it comes to astral projection is important, and can be a BIG part of actually having a successful experience, or simply struggling in vain.

Here is EXACTLY how astral projection works for ME. (your mileage may vary)

  • I find a nice quiet place where I can concentrate and NOT be distracted
  • I sit comfortably in a chair, in an upright position
  • I will occasionally use binaural beats and a pair of headphones (special “music” for facilitating altered states of consciousness)
  • I meditate while picturing a remote location I am very familiar with… and imagine myself in that place
  • I allow myself to explore the location I visualize… as if I’m there in the moment.
  • I take “mental” notes of everything I see with as much clarity and detail as possible. I engage my sense of touch, smell, and even taste… as the more I immerse myself in the experience of being “there” the faster my astral body seems to make the trip.

Essentially, and I don’t want to bore you or overwhelm with specific details that may be unique to MY experience, eventually what happens is I’ll start to have the tactile experience of being in that place.

And after 20 minutes or so of this, sometimes less… I will feel the familiar “splitting” of my astral body, or subtle energy body, from my physical self, and the projection has officially begun.

The REAL secret to mastering the out of body experience in 3 words?

Relaxation. And meditation. And lastly… CONCENTRATION. You need to straddle the strange space between being hyper relaxed, and yet hyper aware at the same time. It’s a beautiful, and often blissful state… and it’s hard to communicate what it feels like, unless you’ve had the experience yourself. My best advice is to set the INTENTION to learn how to project, and then follow my simple blueprint above. (it may take a while… but it WILL work, I promise!)