induce astral projection

Astral projections are also referred to as “out of body experiences” or OBEs for short. These are of course similar but many say that they are synonymous. Astral projections are confused generally with vivid dreams and many claim that these projections are just dreams and nothing more. It may sometimes be followed by a dream or at other times, it may be totally a mixup.

A full astral projection is so vivid and real that one can hardly call it a dream. In simple terms, you could say that an astral projection is a state of mind where you feel you are completely awake – outside your body, looking down upon yourself. Dreams can’t be controlled by us but astral projections can be. This is another clue that they are not merely dreams. There are several astral projection techniques that one can follow and achieve astral projections deliberately. Many believe that these astral projection techniques will help in freeing the spirit.

There are, of course, many people today who claim to have mastered astral projections by following different astral projection techniques. The most common and effective technique is said to be the roll out. It is simple to follow too. One only needs to relax completely whilst lying down the bed – almost in a sleep state. And then, roll to the sides. As one rolls, one has to imagine or visualize leaving one’s body. This needs a large amount of concentration.

Another one of the many astral projection techniques is the “sit up technique.” One should go into that relaxed, almost asleep state as mentioned above and then sit. While changing the position, one must imagine only the astral body sitting up. Preparation is important in this step. One must prepare their mind to “jump high” and then let oneself free. A flying state can be felt.
There are many other astral projection techniques that can be followed such as deep meditation.

History provides proof that many saints have achieved full astral projections through meditation. Mastering meditation is said to be the best method to master astral projections, however it is very difficult and can take years. If you master it, though, it’ll be very easy for you to enter astral plains. The secret is that it relaxes your mind thoroughly and makes it peaceful.

Following these astral projection techniques very patiently is extremely necessary. Astral projection is not easy. It needs tremendous effort and practise. Practise is the key. However, you can have an astral projection very quickly and easily by listening to certain brainwave frequency recordings. Here’s how they work. When you have an astral projection, your brainwaves are in a certain state in which the neurons run at a completely different rate than normal. These brainwave recordings set your brain in that state, so that when you are trying to achieve an astral projection while listening to these brainwave frequencies, your mind will already be operating at the level that is required to achieve that out-of-body experience, making it so much easier to astral project!