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Keeping a healthy and fit body is one of the most popular topics lately. People want to look good and feel good that is why they spend a lot of time in gyms. One of the most popular kinds of workouts gym enthusiasts get into lately is the full body workout. What is a full body workout?

A full body workout is a total body workout which aims to maximize muscle contraction by using heavy weights. Rather than concentrating on certain parts of the body while working out, this kind of routine dwells on the entire body. With this kind of process, you could skip training the day after and spend the time for recovery. This kind of workout can fit even the tightest schedules. It is a very convenient choice for any individual who wants to attain a high level of fitness but finds it very hard because of their hectic schedules. This kind of training offers flexibility in your schedules so you could still attend to your priorities and duties. Even if you are working out your full body, you will actually have to consume less time in the gym when you get into this type of workout. It is because it is advised that you only have to do this type of a workout two to three times a week.

So what are the advantages of a full body workout?

  1. Time
  • We have already pointed out why this kind of workout saves time. Mainly it is because full body workouts let you spend lesser time at the gym and more time for your other priorities.


  1. Increased Metabolism
  • One amazing thing about this type of work out is that it increases your metabolism. Even though you are resting, your body still burn fats and calories. An increase in your Resting Metabolic Rate should always be one of your objectives when doing full body workouts. You get to increase your RMR by doing short but intense workouts.


  1. Customization
  • Even if you are doing a full body work out, you can still customize it. You could still choose what part of the body you want to focus on a bit more while at the same time, all the other parts of your body will not be taken for granted. When you do trainings that work out each of your muscle groups, your body usually ends up having better symmetry and coordination overall. You do not want to look out of proportion, do you? With full body work outs, looking out of proportion will not be a problem.


  1. Heart-friendly
  • Not only you have to look good, but you also have to feel good. This kind of work out helps in keeping your heart healthy. For each training, this kind of workout uses two to four sets for all the general parts of the body. Once an exercise for a certain part is done, you will then proceed to the next body part and continue working. This continuous action blended with a high intensity will lead the heart in pumping blood effectively.

And just a tip, this amazing routine and training will be very effective if one is consistent and determined.