out of body experience

How to Astral travel is something that has been studied by scientists and enthusiasts interested in learning more about out how to have an out of body experience. Astral projection is a simply where the soul can move freely in parallel world that we call the astral plane. Astral travel has been written about in many old ancient mystical texts and has more recently gained popularity among scientists interested in investigating reports of people who have experienced this out of body experience, so that they can unlock the mysteries behind this mystical voyage.

In Craig Hamilton-Parkers book Psychic Dreaming he describes this experience as being able to “float” up and look down upon yourself or upon another location, as if in the form of psychic dream. Some psychics claim they can actually visit other actual locations and often ones that they’ve never seen or visited before. This out of the body experience is what most people call Astral Projection. But exactly how to astral is a mystery to a lot of people who have never tried and even more of a mystery to those who have but have not succeeded. I hope in this article to take a look a couple things that can help demystify the out of body experience making it easier to obtain for those interested in doing so.

1. Learn How to Relax Properly. Now I’m not going to bore you with exercises and long drawn out sentences about relaxation techniques, but this aspect of astral projection cannot be overlooked. The secret to mastering relaxation is by taking mini bites. By mini bites I mean if when you attempting relaxation exercises you’ll find a lot more success by focusing on specific areas of the body rather then attempting a general deep relaxation.

I like to take a methodic approach to relaxation by starting at my toes and working upwards to my head. By concentrating on smaller areas of your body you’ll become increasing aware of tiny muscles you haven’t thought about before. As you learn to release these you’ll find it a lot easier each time to achieve total relaxation easier and lot faster

2. Learn to Stay Focused. The main area where most people fail in learning how to astral is in staying focused. Once you reach a fully relaxed body keeping your mind focused can be difficult for some. It is easy for stray thoughts to jump into your head at this crucial stage of achieving an out of body experience and if you grab onto those stray thoughts you’ll only land up experiencing what I would call a deep relaxed day dream more then an out of body experience. By learning to keep focused you’ll find it easier to experience those early sensations of astral travel a lot easier. The best way to do this is to concentrate on that sinking yet floating sensation as if you are simply letting go.

3. Use an aid like Binaural Beats. Binaural beats have shown to help practitioners achieve astral projection a lot easier. The reason why is because these recordings are designed to help the mind achieve certain brain waves at which astral travel sensations are possible a lot easier and faster then doing it on your own. People who have used aids like binaural beats have reported to being able to succeed at having an out of body experience a lot easier then their previous attempts.