out of body films

Horror films are great but when you are in the mood for a little comedy then why not choose a cheesy horror film? When Friday the 13th comes around, the greatest scary flicks will be out of stock and the only movies left will be the crappy ones. Dont think that there arent any diamonds in the rough because you may be pleasantly surprised by this list of cheesy horror films.

Once Bitten

Once Bitten is a great fusion of comedy and horror. This movie is probably one of the first to give vampires that seductive and funny appeal. A long time ago, vampires were a species to be threatened by, just like the greatest horror terrorists of Jason and Freddie. But vampires have been getting softer since the 80s and have just turned into this sensitive and romantic appeal since the Twilight movies.

Dawn of the Dead

There is nothing like a good cheesy horror film with the main cast as crazy dead-eyed zombies. The story revolves around a small group of survivors who are terrorised by zombies that have taken over their world.

There have been many more horror films that depict zombies and the hilarity of the situation, including Zombieland. At least nowadays we admit to the cheesiness of our horror films but the beauty of this film is that this group of survivors is all about business.

Slumber Party Massacre 1 or 2

It really doesnt matter which Slumber Party Massacre that you are going to rent, as each is equally as dodgy. The entire movie is so predictable that youll find it slightly hysterical that you are actually still watching. The driller Killer (do we need to say anymore?) terrorises his victims by singing and dancing before getting to the slashing.

Just think of American Idol gone very wrong.

Children of the Corn

This town of children has been possessed by a demonic power after a fanatical preacher kills every adult in the small farming community. This film comes after a series of movies involving demonic children. As long as you arent afraid of children under 10 you will find this cheesy horror film riveting.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This cult classic is excellent, a bit cheesy with little horror, but exactly what you need on a dark and stormy night. It is a musical but some can consider that to be horror itself. This film is great because it actually makes fun of horror films which is refreshing after a marathon of watching regular hardcore horror movies and you need something a bit lighter.