out of body near death experiences

Last year there was a research done on terminally ill patients and it was seen that some of them had near death experiences (NDE). I am surprised that people have to prove everything before they accept the existence of something they do not experience (like as if all humans were alike and not unique) Take for instance food; a baby cannot eat solid food till it has reached a certain level of growth after which it can digest all (in moderation) can the baby say that food does not exist as it cannot digest it? Did these NDEs and faith in God come into being only now? There have been believers and the ones who do not believe from the beginning of time. Is it not true that all divine interventions are due to these 2 different creations of God? Nobody is asking these researchers to become believers (though that is a beautiful thought) of the infinite but they should not scoff at believers just because something is not proved scientifically. Just like they are free to disbelieve I am free to believe and my belief is not expensive like the disbelief of scientists. To me love and belief are alike akin to each other – if you love God you believe and have faith in God.

All beings like Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, Rama, Ramakrishna, etc etc. have had many visions. So the point here is God/ Infinity takes over whenever there is a need. God is the most lovingly accessible truth that knows when one is in need.

The research seems to suggest that the NDE is felt only by the terminally ill beings. That is not true. (but of course they would want proof for that too which they are not going to get because God does not need anyone or anything and hence does not fix an appointment announcing the arrival of a NDE.

Humans are the ones that need God and when they realize that everyone would have become believers of God.

God comes to a person when there is a need – not necessary that death alone is the requirement. The requirement is love and a yearning that has to be felt not studied. So it seems these researchers will just never get the truth because they cannot study all beings in the world (after all each being is unique) and so their studies will be incomplete as it cannot embrace the whole world. NDE are for all beings in the whole world not just for the hospital patients – so too is God/infinity/love/faith. One cannot study love, you have to feel it (I hope that can be understood without having to prove it)

These various researches just show that learning is never ending and hence what has been learnt is not a finality. The danger that humans can be put into these researched labeled boxes is detrimental to her/his freedom.

I do not know if what I write is studied but I hope it is felt.

Thank You.

Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam