out of body pdf

Technically speaking, an out of body experience happens any time you see the world from a perspective other than through your own eyes. Often people report seeming to be above themselves, looking down on their own body and any activity that is happening around them. Sometimes people report being somewhere other than where they are and seeing through another’s eyes. Why does this happen? Just what is an out of body experience?

Out of body experiences often happen when a body is clinically dead. When the heart stops beating, a person is considered medically dead. If the heart is restarted then the body lives again. Many people report out of body experiences during the time their heart has not beating.

For those people that have religious tendencies, these out of body experiences are seen as proof of the human soul. They believe that they reason that they see things from a different perspective is because their soul leaves the body during the time that the body is medically dead. When the heart is restarted the soul is drawn back into the body.

Those that are more scientifically minded see out of body experiences as hallucinations. They argue that when the heart stops the brain is deprived of oxygen. They claim that this lack of oxygen causes the synapses in the brain cells to misfire causing the brain to create images that aren’t really there.

Whatever the real reason for an out of body experience, those that have had them say that it changed their lives. Perhaps it does not much matter why they happen. Maybe what is important is the fact that they are proof that there are still many unanswered questions in our world. That there are things out there that can still inspire wonder and awe.

Maybe that is really the answer to the question, “what is an out of body experience”.