steps to astral project

According to astral experts and practitioners, everyone is capable of astral projection and astral travel. However, accomplishing projection is not as easy for some as it is for others. Some people can travel easily and frequently, with little or no effort. Others must practice, making a number of failed attempts before succeeding. Once a successful projection has been achieved, the door to the astral world will always be open.

There are various methods for inducing astral projection. Relaxation, concentration (focus), and visualization are key elements for achieving astral travel. Desire is another essential factor for a successful astral experience. Fear is a major impediment which interferes with many astral projection attempts. Robert Monroe, renowned psychic researcher, wrote, “Fear is the great barrier to human growth.”

It is very important to do some thorough research before attempting astral projection. If, after learning about the happenings that occur during astral journeys, you have decided to give it a try; here is one recommended technique you can use to induce an out of body experience. Follow these instructions to generate your astral event (remember, success may require more than a few attempts)

1. Choose a time when you are relaxed; but, not tired. Select a room, or place, where you will be free from distractions. Begin to clear your mind. It is not recommended to attempt astral travel during times of strive. Concerns and difficulties are very distracting.

2. Sit back, or lie down, in a comfortable spot. Close your eyes. Relax and unclutter your thoughts. The brain must reach a certain level of relaxation before projection is possible. The brainwave frequencies must change from the Gamma range (highly alert and active) to the Theta or Delta frequency levels (very relaxed or sleeping). Some people find audio recordings of binaural beats quite helpful for reaching the appropriate range.

3. Concentrate on projecting. If you have difficulty concentrating, focus on your third eye or the back of your head. Visualize your consciousness leaving your physical body and entering your subtle, or astral, body. You may feel vibrations, or buzzing, as your astral presence begins to transcend.

4. Relax and go with the flow. Embrace the experience as you feel yourself entering the astral plane. Some practitioners advise separating from the physical body and moving away from it as quickly as possible. Then, allow yourself to go wherever you like, travel far distances, and meet other astral travelers. Many, not all, reports include the appearance of a silver cord that connects the two bodies.

5. Don’t worry about what will happen during your journey; experts state that no harm can come to you. And, there is no need to worry about returning to your physical body. It will happen naturally and automatically, without difficulty.

Astral travel has been practiced since ancient times. In those days, information regarding astral projection was secret and restricted to spiritual leaders and the elite. Today, there are many people, from all walks of life, enjoying the ability to travel in the astral plane. There is plenty of information about this phenomenon available. Interested individuals can find historical facts, “how to” details, personal testimonies, and more at local libraries, book stores, and specialty shops. The internet is a fantastic resource for information on astral events and journeys, also.