chakra clearing

An ancient Sanskrit word, Chakra refers to spinning spheres of energy.  While it is generally accepted that there are seven Chakras, there are actually hundreds of them located in the body and around the body in the Aura.  Chakras are centers of much activity, receiving, assimilating, and re-entering energy (chi, prana) to the Energetic Body.  Literally translated as wheel or disk, Chakras function as vortexes, drawing in energy to produce Life Force and them pumping it back into the Energetic Body once again.  The Major Chakras are stacked in a column through the center of the body, from the pelvis to the crown.

For emotional and physical well-being, Chakras must be clear of toxins and everyday debris.  There are a number of effective ways to keep your Chakras in good running order.  Take yourself through this exercise regularly and you’ll feel relaxed and clear.

Note: If doing this exercise brings up old emotions for you, simply add this: Breathe while saying, “I breathe in Love. I exhale old emotions.” Each time something appears in your awareness, simply do this three times and continue the Chakra clearing.

v  Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.  If this seems impossible, a set of ear buds and some meditative music can set a sacred space for you.  It doesn’t matter if you sit in a meditative position or find a comfortable place lying down.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Expand your belly when you breathe in.  Let your stress and thought float away.  Just breathe.

v  Bring your hands into a prayerful position in front of your heart chakra (Located in the center of your chest). Breathe deeply.

Inhale, Exhale.  Remembering to expand your belly with each intake.

v  Separate your hands and shake them vigorously.  Return to prayerful pose, keeping your hands slightly separated.  With relaxed eyes see (or imagine) the streams of light flowing from your fingertips.  Feel (or imagine) the warmth of the energy as it flows.

v  Move your hands down in front of your Root Chakra (The pelvis region). Sense the energy flowing there as it spins.  Reset the Chakra by spinning your hands in a counter-clockwise motion seven times.  As you backwash this Chakra, mentally send the energy down into Gaia, Mother Earth. It is this Chakra that keeps your grounded to her, so the Earth can help cleanse this Chakra. Now reset the Root Chakra by spinning it seven times clockwise. Take a deep breath filling your belly with energy.

v  Next move to the Base Chakra, at the base of your spine, the Coccyx, breathing and resetting the Chakra in the same manner.  Rotating it counter clock-wise and then clock-wise.

v  Move to the Solar Plexus, just below the rib cage and repeat.

v  Next the heart, located in the center of the chest. Repeat.

v  Your throat is next, located over your Adam’s apple. Repeat

v  Move to your Third Eye.  It is actually located in the center of your head, but can be accessed through the center of your forehead.  Repeat the counter clock-wise and clock-wise spin with your hands.

v  Lastly, move to your Crown Chakra and repeat the process once again.

v  Bring your hands back to a prayerful position and breathe deeply three times.  Don’t forget to fill your belly with energy each time.

By practicing this exercise regularly, you will find your emotional and spiritual well-being improves.  When you are well emotionally and spiritually, physical health follows.