chakra crystals

The Sea Witch’s Cavern is a stunning treasure trove of semi-precious gemstone jewellery and Swarovski crystals that make the ideal gift for yours truly or even a loved one. Whether you’re mining for hanging crystals or fine silver pendants our collection handcrafted designs are as decorative as they are affordable.

We have a selection of beautiful hanging crystals to suit everyone’s tastes and styles. The Scholer Dolphin hanging crystals pendants are a fine example of the wonderful jewellery that we sell. Ideal for the animal lovers amongst you, these hanging crystal pendants are AB coated on the back which only serves to enhance the vibrant rainbow reflections once the sun hits these delicate hanging crystals. With a sixteen inch silver-plated chain these dolphin necklaces also serve as wonderful pendant necklaces and priced at just eight pounds and ninety nine pence are highly affordable too.
If you’re interested in decorating your home with gorgeous and angelically designed hanging crystals then we why not choose our beautifully hand-crafted hanging crystals cascade. This violet Guardian Hanging Crystal Mini Cascade has clear and deep violet hanging crystals and personifies harmony and peace. At twenty seven centimetres in length and handmade by our very own Anna Hayward of Sea Witch’s Cavern these hanging crystals are great to decorate any room in the home.  At a cost of just eleven pounds and ninety nine pence this Mini Cascade Hanging Crystal will reflect rainbows around any room you decorate it in and is a truly unique product.
If you’d like to have a look at the complete range of products that we’re able to supply from jewellery and home furnishings to beaded bookmarks and even handmade hair accessories then come and visit our website at: We’re confident that once you purchase any of our lovely products you’ll have, not only an exquisitely designed and unique item but, something that will promote clarity and peace of mind too.