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Spiritually Infused Yellow Sapphire


Usually I am not one to be influenced by external stimuli, especially those that claim to give you some form of spiritual prowess – those instant quick fixes to most of our problems! At times though I do come across time-tested spiritual supplements that if used correctly and sparingly can help maximize spiritual throughput.

Now to be clear, I only believe in objects that enhance the spiritual growth of the wearer and its effect is directly correlated to the spiritual advancement of the wearer. For instance, if you have never meditated or practice some form of stress cleansing alternative such “trinkets” could be deemed worthless.

What I am referring to here are Gemstones. Call is what you may, crystals, healing stones, chakra stones…but through time immemorial people have utilized the hidden power within these natural quartz formations. I am going to dwell on one type renowned throughout history for its its stellar mental and physical benefits; the Sapphire. I can classify the inherent quality of this stone in one word, Strength!

This latent quality is brought out by the internal mind-frame of the wearer. One additional quality to mention is the protective aura imparted by these stones. The golden sheen surrounding most Yellow Sapphires are set to do just that. Sapphires can greatly improve the quality of your meditation, giving you unparalleled access to higher spiritual realms (depending on your level of course) and make you perceptible to messages of spiritual beings. If you have ever been in a situation, say during mediation when voices pop into your head, but you just can’t make out what it is, consider wearing a Sapphire.

Yellow Sapphires also possess abundance qualities. If working with such practices and you desire certain outcomes in your life a Sapphire can greatly increase the quality of the result and help you achieve the qualities to sustain it. Additionally, it plays the role of matchmaker, helping you attract the right partner, promoting loyalty and giving you a thriving personal life.

In a nutshell the qualities a Sapphire can impart upon you are : Strength, Power, Well-Being, Higher Spiritual Awareness, Love, Peace, Abundance and much more.

It is important to realize that you should only seek out spiritually enhanced gemstones, so those that are already in a setting like rings, pendants and such won’t possess such benefits. The mass production of such jewelry drains any inherent quality left in the stone. Look for natural, loose and ethically mined Sapphires to maximize the intrinsic potential of the stone. If you can find spiritually blessed Sapphires, by reputable Buddhist/Hindu monks or even alchemists, even better. It is best worn in a simple setting, or just as a loose stone to carry around. Hold it in your hand during spiritual practice, leave it on your desk while working, carry it with you to social functions. With a strong spiritual foundation, this magnificent stone can help you maximize your utmost potential in life.

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