chakra system

Our physical body is supported by an energy body. While we have organs that act as important centers of the human body, our energy body has chakras. Today we will talk primarily of the throat chakra and the role it plays in our life.

Chakras, just like organs, each serve a specific role. The word chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel. The throat chakra focuses on our ability to communicate.

Communication is often thought of as an exchange between two people. Much of our communication focuses on our use of words. There are many forms of communication that combine the use of words with gestures and symbols, such as sign language.

Our communication is multi-dimensional, meaning that it is not restricted to our words only. We use our facial expressions, our breath, and our silence to convey our messages.

Just the same as we use our entire body to speak for us, the throat chakra acts as a conduit for other aspects of the chakra system. When we communicate we bring in our thoughts, views, feelings, and beliefs that when combined give life to our words.

There is another aspect of the throat chakra that is called the inner voice. This ability connects us body, mind and spirit. Our inner voice is the conduit to connect to our own emotions, feelings, perceptions, knowledge and our higher spiritual powers.

Telepathy is another type of communication that we process through the throat chakra. Telepathy is simply communicating energetically without using the body as a tool. We all use this form of communication, but since our normal worldly teachings do not include acknowledging these subtle forms of communication many of us never give ourselves credit for using this ability.

As you can see, there is really no mystery to the throat chakra.

Our energy body serves us in the physical, helping us to experience and express ourselves. Understanding more about chakras and our energy bodies can give you greater understanding of yourself. Awareness brings us closer to ourselves, giving us more power in healing ourselves.