reiki massage

Since Reiki is all about energy choosing the wrong kind of Reiki Massage Table will result in negative energy and in a poor Reiki or massage therapy session for client. Choosing a Reiki table is a little different than choosing a traditional massage table and you need to be aware of the energy and tone that will result from the table choice. Having reiki massage table is important to get the maximum benefit to the client and easier the therapist to work during the session. Numerous reiki massage tables for sale are available in the market; however we need to be careful and smart to select the right choice.

The complex synergy of the body means that the reductionist view of the body, that it is composed of tiny parts that can be taken apart and studied like a machine, does not hold in the case of reiki philosophy. In fact, it is the main obstacle to learning this method. Therefore Reiki massage does not only target the body, but the mind, soul and emotions of the person undergoing the reiki treatment. A reiki massage may be given with the client either clothed or unclothed depending on the clients level of comfort. Where in massage therapy it is more effective for the client to be unclothed and covered except for the area of the body being worked on a reiki massage can be effective either way.

Most often, those receiving Reiki massage treatment are asked to lie on a Reiki massage table. This is a portable, collapsible unit made of metal or wood with a leather or vinyl surface and a headrest to place the head or face. The table is finger-jointed and comes with grip knobs for simple adjustments. The right table can help to build confidence and trust between you and your client, demonstrating that you are a professional and you know what you are doing.

The table must be sturdy, secure and comfortable for your client. You may also want to use a height adjustable stool on castors that you can slide around the table and adjust to protect your own back. It is important for the therapist to be comfortable too.

It is very comfortable and healing. The various positions of Reiki massage include the face, head, on your crown, forehead, collarbone, chin, jaw line, around your heart to your rib case. It is then carried out to your tummy, shoulders and to the pelvic area. These positions cover the charkas or the energy centers of the body to which the massage therapist discharges the energies. Reiki massage is carried out on both the front and the back part of the body, as the charkas are present on the front and the backside of the body.