Knowing How To Do Chakra Opening

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Chakras size and brightness varies with individual development; physical condition; energy levels; disease anxiety. The force slows down with the problem of the chakras or obstructed energies. There has to be a constant balance in between the chakras for promo of sense of well being and health.

When we obstruct our feeling or stop natural flow of energy, we start responding to unpleasant experiences. Development and maturation of chakras gets impacted due to this.

If we obstruct our experiences, chakras are blocked.

Chakras then get disfigured.

Throughout typical functioning each chakra will spin and open clockwise to metabolize the energies preferable from the universal field of energy.

The word Reiki is really acquired from the two words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ which suggests ‘universal’ and the ‘energy of life force’ respectively and thus it refers to the opening and balancing of the life force energy of a person with spirituality.

Reiki training is also called palm healing and this art involves primarily the Reiki master, who directs and stations the favorable cosmos energy to the body of the healee for accomplishing stress decrease, recovering and leisure.

Reiki Chakra Balancing can be exercised in different levels starting from a simple energizing of the physical body with the warmth of one’s palms to targeting a specific injured or compromised area using magical Reiki signs. These Reiki symbols are used for sophisticated healing purposes wherein they are made use of the healee’s body and concentrated upon for higher energy transmission. It can also be that the professional holds his palms on the compromised area for varied lengths of time in order to offer localized therapy.

Therefore, it can be seen that Reiki Chakra balancing is everything about making use of one’s hands to transmit energy to that Chakra where it is needed the most so as to balance and straighten the same for improved wellbeing of the healee.

It can be concluded that Reiki Chakra balancing is most efficient when it is practiced as a proactive technique. Hence, not waiting for a disease to happen and progressing on this path as soon as possible, would bring smooth flow of energy across the chakras and thereby result in the ultimate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of guy.

The reiki attunement process thus advances where the master puts the recipient’s hands into his own, draws symbols, while chanting the name of each symbol blowing and tapping with extreme concentration. When this procedure is lastly over, the master violet sign is pictured by the reiki master in his own left palm and he puts it on the recipient’s right palm, and blows, chants and taps. When the reiki attunement procedure is lastly over, the master, standing back, bows to offer honor to the recipients and their powers, acknowledging them for who they are.

Open chakra of Swadhisthana or the Sacral Chakra by positioning both your hands on your lap, keeping the right one on top of the left. Make certain that your palms are dealing with upward and the pointers of both of your thumbs touch each other.

Now highly envision the symbol of this chakra, that is an orange lotus with 6 petals at the sacral part of your body and meditate breathing deeply and making use of the Sanskrit sound ‘VAM’.

Thirdly open chakra of Manipura or the Solar plexus chakra by contemplating the ten petalled yellow lotus at the solar plexus portion of your body. Bring both hands in front of you and join the pointers of each finger of one hand with that of the various other. Cross your thumbs and bear in mind to keep all your fingers directly and outwards, pointing away from you. Breath in gradually and deeply sounding the Sanskrit word ‘RAM’.

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